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Do I Qualify for Group Benefits?


You will likely qualify for group benefits if your company has at least one employee that is on payroll, is not the business owner, and plans to enroll in the plan. However, if your company is comprised of only owners or is a husband and wife business, you could be eligible depending on the situation. If neither of these scenarios fit your situation, just give us a call, and we'll be happy to help.

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What is small group health insurance?

Group health insurance is defined as a employee health benefit plan maintained by an employer or organization with 50 or fewer W-2 employees.


What are the advantages of offering group benefits?

Group health benefits are becoming increasingly important in recruiting and retaining employees.  Employees also benefit from group health benefits, which are paid for with pre-tax income (usually a 20-30% tax benefit). 


I have a preferred carrier. How can I obtain group coverage?

Filling out a quote for group insurance is simple and we have access to most carriers including top brands. Request a quote here. We can usually get you coverage within the next 7 business days.


As an employer, can I offer ancillary benefits (such a dental, vision, life, etc.)?

Yes. At Mylo, we specialize in many different types of offerings — including hybrid plans if you would like to only offer ancillary benefits.


How do I make future enrollment changes?

Our benefit administration system makes adding new employees and updating personnel information quick and easy. Enrollment changes can be made directly via the employer self-service portal, or we can do it for you as part of our free account management service. We're always here to help!


How do I help my employees find a participating provider?

All carriers offer online provider directories. These directories contain helpful information about doctors, hospitals, dentists, vision care providers, pharmacies and other medical service providers that work with the plan you choose.


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